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The Impact Mission is an experience that brings together people interested in knowing and accelerating the Triple Impact Economy.

We explore ecosystems recognized for their initiatives of economic, social, cultural and environmental impact.


Next mission: Israel,  known as  "Startup Nation", has become a world leader on entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation


 It´s an opportunity to approach innovative solutions implemented by the Israeli ecosystem to address major environmental and social challenges and create opportunities of cooperation with the main players in the ecosystem: investment funds, startups, universities, innovation centers, incubators & public entities.


A  7-day trip to different regions of the country, focusing on innovation with economic, social and environmental impact.

Join us and learn from the Israeli culture how to incorporate innovation for the common good. 


Why Israel?

Israel, known as the "Startup Nation", has managed to become a world leader on entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation.

We will learn about Israel's ability to overcome the scarcity of natural resources through innovation.

The background of the activities will be the cultural dimension of Israel, as we aim to obtain a deeper understanding of the social, political and cultural forces that shape modern Israel, as well as the complexities of the region.  

Israeli concept


Tikkun Olam


Israeli culture considers we have a responsibility to actively seek ways to repair the world, to create social change and innovation within our community, industry and broader networks, both as individuals and in the spirit of collaboration.





Juan Pablo Bentín


Agroinversiones Valle y Pampa



"The most valuable experience in terms of integrating sustainable entrepreneurship with networking and culture"

ipb_baixa-20 - JOAO PASCOAL BECKER_edite

Isabela Pascoal Becker

 Sustainability & Innovation Director, Da Terra Coffee



“ A deep Israeli experience that covered all stakeholders involved in Triple Impact”

fotito - Silvia Stang_edited.png

Silvia Stang

Editor, La Nación


“The most valuable thing was to discover the way in which other people build through their professions, an economy and a society for the common good. Above all, I enjoyed sharing with people from other latitudes but from the same society that  I am part of"

andres abecassis_edited.png

Andres Abecassis


Innovation Director, AVINA



“It was a deep and integral immersion not only to the experiences of innovation in a country, but to the very soul of Israel"

DSC04520 - Bruna Constantino Constantino

Bruna Constantino


Director, Positive Ventures



"This mission helped me to see in practice how diversity is a key point to transformation and positive impact."







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